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Uniflare’s Equipment is Designed and Manufactured in the UK and supplied Worldwide

Uniflare a Busy Year Gas to Grid

Uniflare have been critical to many schemes in achieving the much coveted maximum green incentives. Being instrumental in conditioning and cleaning the Biogas gas prior to upgrading we have been tasked with, pressurising, removing moisture and reducing relative humidity, removing Hydrogen Sulphide, and Silicon where present and flaring safely and compliantly where necessary. Our complete gas train packages have been process critical.

Not only at the front end of the process has our equipment been key. Trace elements within the Bio-methane after upgrading still have to be removed. Our pre Grid Entry

Unit Polishing Skid increases the amount of time Bio-methane can be injected to grid, removing any remaining traces of Hydrogen Sulphide and filtering particulates down to 0.5 microns. Finally we link all the data and control required in one master control panel to reduce the amount of work involved in our clients communicating with the gas process.

We have honed our skills in providing skid mounted fully tested pieces of equipment, to supplying fully tested Gas Processes. Focusing our time and efforts ensuring that the amount of time spent commissioning the equipment on site is reduced to an absolute minimum. We spend time with our customers at our UK manufacturing facility testing every last detail. With our in-house panel builders and programmers we can amend control philosophies to fit a particular schemes requirement as the customer carries out the tests.

We are proud to say that every project that we have been involved in has met and often exceeded the critical deadline to achieve maximum green incentives.

The project goal was to design, develop and construct a new type of organic waste treatment facility in order to convert source-separated organic waste from commercial and industrial sectors (mainly food waste) into compost and biogas through proven biological treatment technologies.

The facility will be able to process around 200 tonnes of organic waste per day. The project site is located at Siu Ho Wan in North Lantau with an area of around 2 hectares, which is prone to typhoon weather.

The company contacted Uniflare. They had seen our equipment in operation in the UK and decided that it was our equipment, a UK manufacturer that would best serve their needs. They needed a unique flare stack and biogas process equipment capable of standing up and staying lit during 140 mile winds. After a number of design meetings and calculations we came up with a design for a typhoon proof 22m tall flare stack. The flare, chiller, booster, carbon plants and SCADA systems were shipped from the UK installed by local contractors in Hong Kong under our supervision. Our engineers spent time with the site engineers to train them in the use of our equipment. It was necessary for us to provide extended design criteria to the project for them to receive approvals for the site to go into the commissioning phase.