Gas flare
About This Project

Here we have some brilliant pictures sent to us by our client, Klarwin.

The project you can see here is the 40th landfill degassing project taken on by this experienced team. It is one of the biggest not only in Romania, but the whole EU. There are 6 hectares of landfill on this particular site and over 2million tonnes of municipal waste which, without our flare, would be leaking dangerous gases into the environment.

We were able to support the needs of the project by designing, building and delivering a bespoke High Temperature Flare designed to burn at 1,100°C (one of very few in Romania) with Klarwins logo. The project aims to safeguard the landfill operation and reduce odours which would otherwise cause problems for the local population and the wider environment.

The project has been going so well, it drew media attention and even had a visit from the Mayor.



Here’s what Klarwin had to say:

  • In spite of lock-down and many production and logistic challenges, everything was delivered and installed acc. with a schedule tough even for normal times;
  • The general contractor and the customer is very happy, the project being visited by many government representatives and the new Brasov mayor; the Romanian Environmental Ministry has recommended the project as being one of the good practice example for the entire country;
  • Today we are at almost 4 mil of m3 of landfill gas which was handled by the Uniflare equipment and we are preparing for the gas utilization towards circular economy and green energy;
  • For sure we can say that the Uniflare – Klarwin partnership shows a very strong connection of high class engineering, reliable equipment and a power to overcome unseen challenges