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Gas to Grid Project

Uniflare Limited was selected as one of the key suppliers to assist in a gas-to-grid plant, the biggest of its kind in the UK. The site was able to convert 1200 cubic metres of biogas an hour into 750 cubic metres of Biomethane which is injected into the National Gas Grid.

The site in Sutton Coldfield near Birmingham has 16 anaerobic digesters, producing about 3400 cubic metres of biogas from its treatment processes. Previously, this has been used to generate electricity and heat for use in the sewage treatment process, with excesses exported to the national electricity grid. However, the gas-to-grid project means that for the first time it can be used to supply homes with gas.

Uniflare was tasked with the design and supply of the pre-treatment of the Biogas. This included a live gas main connection, allowing power generation to be maintained at the site. The “Hot Tapping” connected directly onto the live HDPE biogas lines feeding the power generation. Both Biogas lines were connected successfully without the CHP noticing any change to their supply.

Prior to delivery into the Gas Upgrader, Uniflare were tasked with pressurising the Biogas, drying it and removing the Hydrogen Sulphide. Working closely with sites operational staff we designed carbon plants specific to the disposal capabilities at the site.

It was also necessary for Uniflare to finely polish the Biomethane post “clean up” prior to it entering the National grid. This required the installation of a further High Pressure carbon plant and particulate filter. All designed and fabricated to meet stringent pressure regulations at our Kenilworth Factory. So successful was our equipment, we were awarded the full mechanical install package in addition to meet the project deadlines.